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IOFT25 Oct. 2011 | Information

IOFT has ended successfully. We’d like to thank all the visitors to our booth,
and of course, all the customers who always support us!
We will show you some photos of IOFT here.
At first…
We won a grand prix in Accessories Category of EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR 2012!
These are key rings, and the shapes are…..prefectures of Japan!
There are 47 prefectures, so we have 47 different shapes,
and the material is Japanese acetate for eyewear.
“My Home Town”. This is the name.

“My Home Town” won the grand prix, we might realize the importance of
our home town again because of the disaster we experienced this year.
so… let’s see our booth.
A lot of customers visited our booth.
Thank you very much!!!
They looked our new collection carefully & seriously, and placed order.
Thank you so much!
After the IOFT……
Oops. Sorry about the blurred photo…maybe, too much alcohol…
It was so fun!
Now, we are working hard to deliver our new collection to you ASAP!

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