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Manufacturing in Sabae8 Aug. 2012 | Information
We, BOSTON CLUB CO., LTD., have been based in Sabae city, Japan where now is called as a capital of eyeglasses and have been continuously trying to deliver the value of eyewear ever since we were established almost 30 years ago.

 And we believe that what made it come true is the high leveled technique of Sabae and the experienced creators’ spirit in Sabae.  
These important factors of Sabae’s high manufacturing skills and the present of Sabae were featured on a TV program, Channel Japan, on CNBC Asia.  They introduced the manufacturing process of eyeglasses step by step and also new approaches that Sabae’s manufactures have taken action these days with their high technical skills.  Our product (JP-001) and designer were also featured!!  You can check it out on USTREAM here.  They feature Sabae from 20:05 of the video.

Channel JAPAN #16 - NIKKEI TBS Smart Media
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