JAPONISM PROJECTION Vol.0318 Jan. 2012 | Information

Even after structure of “Rudder Hinge” was established, we did experiments again and again.  We knew a few things should be very important and also be problems to solve.



One was a square stainless pipe as its axis.  We made samples and tried with different diameter, length, curve and found out that not only its size but also the curve of each corner of the pipe would affect the motion and feel when opening and closing a lot.  Even a little change (0.1R) in curve made the opening and closing motion good, and bad also.  I could find out the best curve number after having tens of tests with different number combination.  But I also noticed that almost no manufactures I know could produce stainless pipes with such precision.  After a while I remembered a manufacture I had met at a medial tradeshow.  They are an expert in producing metal pipes and produce injection needles, tips of expensive mechanical pencils and surprisingly thin, 0.02mm, injection pipes that don’t hurt!  I contacted them immediately and told them about the project, what I had done and was going to do.  They said there would be no problems, also they told me they can even make pipes with 0.01R difference.  This is the “technique of Japan”.

Another thing I was considering was the base of “Rudder Hinge” that holds a square pipe.  Required points for this base part are: Durability and high precision yet it is small and complicated shape, Glossy surface for its role of washers and for smooth opening and closing motion, and Elasticity for attach-remove action to the body.  I visited tradeshows many times and different manufactures searching for a material that meets all of these requirements above and found the best plastic:  “PEEK” nylon which is the strongest plastic in the world. 
Common plastics absorb small amount of water and it is one of the reasons for deterioration of plastic.  Although this PEEK nylon barely absorbs water.  And also this new, most advantaged plastic is being used partially for a transmission of an automobile, inner parts of a vacuum cleaner, and a space shuttle for its great precision and high durability instead of metals. 
By adopting the best techniques of Japan and applying the best material in the world, this Rudder Hinge was developed and established.


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