JAPONISM PROJECTION Vol.0419 Jan. 2012 | Information


Our noses’ shapes vary.  And compared to North American, European, the shape is totally different.  We searched for nose pads that would be accepted globally.  We used beta-titanium for proper spring as its base part and a new material, Nucrel, for pad.  This new material is soft and has gentle texture for skin.  The shape of nose pad is naturally rounded so it touches skin with as large area as possible and it leaves less mark on nose.  Nose pad on plastic frames (JP-002 & JP-003) can be exchanged easily with one motion.  And we created an original nose pad structure that will fit for a very high and wide nose.  Most of you may have problems when wearing eyeglasses, you need to lift your eyeglasses many times while you wear them or lenses may be too far from your eyes and your eyeglasses don’t work right.  I believe this new nose pad may solve these problems…

 Mission of “JAPONISM PROJECTION” is to create eyeglasses with universal value that will be accepted by people in every country in the world.  We have just started.  PROJECTION line needs to be developed to become “world-class” eyeglasses.  But the PROJECTION line will get improved and evolved to project the new values.