MAY LOOKBOOK!!!29 May. 2012 | Blog
Here is our BCPC lookbook for May:)

All of these models are from SS2012 Collection!!!

BP-3130 Col.02
This is a collaborated model with Futaba Fruits from Tokyo.  Futaba Fruits is 71 year-old store and they sell fresh fruits in Nakano-ku, Tokyo.  They delivery artistic fruits display, fruits catering, and direct a fruits party every month!  It is all written in Japanese but you can at least check their GREAT works.
*Ringo means an apple in Japanese.

BP-3132 Col.05
A thin metal front and thin temples are very light.  Temple core has different color on inside and outside actually.

BP-3133 Col.05
This metal frame has double rim.  These are designed for women who have bad sight and mind thick lenses...  As lens size is smaller with keeping the rim size regular, you will not to worry about thick lenses any more:)

BS-034 Col.02
These sunglasses are collaborated with Futaba Fruits as well as BP-3130.  Temple color is as vivid and juicy as fruits!
*Mikan means a mandarin orange in Japanese.