JAPONISM PROJECTION on "Channel JAPAN, NIKKEI-TBS Smart Media"27 Jul. 2012 | Information
It has been almost 10 months since we launched a new line, PROJECTION, from JAPONISM and we have tried to deliver the image and "behind the scenes" of the production process.  These have been mainly for Japanese people but we finally got a chance to show our and craftsmen's spirits to you living in East Asia!
A crew from NIKKEI-TBS Smart Media visited Sabae, Fukui and had an interview with us for PROJECTION.  They also visited the manufactures in Sabae who have supported us for PROJECTION with great knowledge of producing optica frames and had a shooting for nose pads, metal press, and plating factories.  Presidents from each factory explained the process of production and showed their factories around.  You can watch actual places where manufacture PROJECTION and also production process.  Please check below for the airtime.

Asia (CNBC ASIA) & India(TV18)  : Sun 5 August, 2012          9:00am/6:00pm

Taiwan (非凡電視台/新聞台) : Mon 6 August, 2012            5:00pm
              (非凡電視台/商業台) :Mon 6 August, 2012            7:00pm

USTREAM : Tue 7 August, 2012     10:00am

*Channel JAPAN introduces the most up-to-date coverage of the Japanese economy and business as well as the latest trends in popular and traditional culture&technology.  See their website for more detail.