How to make cellulose acetate.21 Jun. 2013 | Process




Brilliantly colored material that is being used
for our frames is mainly cellulose acetate.

Unlike molding or printing, it has unique depth.
It is one of the attractiveness of “made-in-Sabae” frames.

Look closely,
the cellulose acetate looks like having colorful fiber in it.

It is because the cellulose acetate is produced from natural raw materials
such as wood pulp or cotton fiber.

Initially, it is jelly-like substance that kneads nitrocellulose with composition.

Add pigment to the substance.

Pile different colored substances and roll out.

Cut into small pieces,

and gather them into a ball, then roll it out again.
*Processes vary with designs.

Repeat this process several times to complete.
Beauty of patterns of course is, fitting naturally to skins is also its advantage.
The base material is plant fiber that is organic matters as same as human,
so, the warmness resembles body temperature.

Check out the cellulose acetate used in our frames.